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‘Dancing with A Difference’ is a selection of dance and movement programs specifically designed for children which compliment OFSTED requirements and go hand in hand with EYFS and Key Stages 1 and 2.

The programmes are suitable for mainstream and also special need children, and has been tried and tested for many years.

It has won New Activity for Children and the following year came runner up in the National activity for Children.

And its now available to you!

These programmes have been developed over a period of 15 years of research and development into the blending of Dance and Education and in close consultation with nursery, pre-school and play school teachers, in line with government and EYFS Key Stage 1 and 2 requirements, covering Physical Development, and Creative Development, with contributions towards Personal & Social Development, Knowledge and understanding of the world, Mathematics and Language & Literacy.

Dancing with A Difference is twofold. The programmes have been formulated in such a way that whilst children are enjoying, through play, the Music Movement and Mime aspects of the programmes, they are, without realising it, learning the skills that reinforce and compliment the EYFS requirements of Key Stage 1 & 2.

Syllabus Course Day in Southampton

This course day will consist of being taught the seven (7) sections of the syllabus and programme 1

You will also receive on the day:

The apparatus’s and instruments and cards all needed to teach the programme 1 along with the detailed syllabus which outlines the OFSTED and EYFS listings,

All the music (Copyright free) for Programme and syllabus 1

1 Teachers Polo shirt

Your annual certificate, membership card and licence to teach Dancing with A Difference

You will also be added to our teachers listings on our website where you will advertise your classes and times, along with website, email, phone number etc…

You will have a login number exclusively for our members where you can buy additional materials, uniform and syllabuses

Also, you will have the right to use the licenced logo of Dancing with A Difference on all your marketing material

Syllabus Course Day is £225.00 per person

Included in the syllabus course Day price is your first year’s £75.00 annual licence fee

On the day… should you wish to buy syllabus & Programme 2 along with all the extras needed to teach this programme it is being offered at £50.00 (Normal price (£75.00)

The licence per year is £75.00 per teacher, or £150.00 for up to 3 teachers at the same school/venue

Dancing with A Difference syllabuses can be mixed and matched to suit the class and appeals to children from Nursery to year 4 (Also, any age of children, Teens and adults with additional needs)

Dancing with a Difference can be taught in academic schools as an extra curriculum class, or after school club. Also, it is very successfully taught in Dance schools etc….

Each programme lasts for approx 45 minutes to an hour, depending on how many students you are teaching. And can be mixed and matched with our other syllabuses

Each programme is themed so can be adapted to times of the year e.g. Summer, Christmas etc..

A review from September 2019……

Excellent success! The school teacher tells me the children all came out happy, excited, hungry and looking forward to next week.

Please note that Dancing with A Difference is a licenced business and not a franchise.

To book on our training course, please contact us for a booking form


or from our website: dancingwithadifference.com

or from our facebook page: www.facebook.com/dancingwithadifferenceHQ

Our team

Linda Smith

I believe that all children (mainstream and special needs) should have the chance to develop to their full potential regardless of class or ability.

Anne Walker MBE

Having taught many different ages and abilities I know what an incredibly positive impact dance can have on the lives of so many children.

Charlotte Kelly

Through teaching and getting to know children you know that all children are different and have difficulties and learn in a different way.

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