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Dancing with a Difference Ltd

Academic Teachers 

‘Learning through Play’


‘Dancing with a Difference Ltd’ is a section of dance and movement programs specifically designed for children which compliment OFSTED requirements and go hand in hand with EYFS and Key Stages 1 and 2.


The programmes are suitable for mainstream and also special need children, and has been tried and tested for may years.

It has won New Activity for Children and the following year came runner up in the National Activity for Children.

And it now available to the educational sector…

If you own a play school, pre-school, nursery…

Offer Breakfast Club, or after school clubs or PE lessons

Then this is designed with YOU in mind…

These Programmes have been developed over a period of 20 years of research and development into the blending of Dance and Education and in close consultation with nursery, pre-school and play school teachers, in line with the government and EYFS Ke Stages 1 and 2 requirements, covering Physical Development, Knowledge and understanding of the world, Mathematics and Language & Literacy.

Dancing with a difference Ltd is twofold. The programmes have been formulates in such a way that whilst children are enjoying, through play, the Music Movement and Mime aspects of the programmes, they are, without realising it, learning the skills that reinforce and compliment the EYFS requirements of Key Stages 1 &2 .

All of these sections are covered in each Programme (which can last up to 45 minutes) and are shown on the syllabus by the numbers next to the development it covers.







The Early Years Foundation Stage

1, Physical Development

2, Creative Development

3, Personal, Social and Emotional Development

4, Communication, Language and Literacy

5, Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy

6, Knowledge and Understanding of the World



The Curriculum Guidance for the Pre-school and Education

The Curriculum


7, The Arts

8, Language Development

9, Early Mathematical Experiences

10, Personal, Social and Emotional Development

11, Physical Development and Movement

12, The World Around Us



Curriculum for Excellence

Experiences and Outcomes

13, Expressive Arts

14, Health and Well being

15, Languages

16, Mathematics

17, Religious and Moral Education

18, Sciences

19, Social Studies

20, Technologies


The Foundation Phase

The Play and Active Learning


21, Personal and Social development, well being and Cultural Diversity

22, Language, Literacy and Communication skills

23, Mathematical Development

24, Welsh, Language Development

25, Knowledge and Understanding of the World

26, Physical Development

27, Creative Development







The warm up is an essential part of any activity programme, it boosts circulation, creating energy and warmth, which makes muscles more pliable, ligaments more resilient and joints move more freely. It also stretches the muscles for the activities ahead.

Muscles that have been warmed, and then stretched slowly and carefully, respond better to every demand made of them. Pre-stretching the muscles by gently lengthening them also reduces tension, helps to guard against injury in larger movements and improves posture poise and performance.






To explore sound, rhythm, strength, balance and co-ordination






Developing control, co-ordination, balance and elevation in basic actions then travelling in a non standard direction i.e. diagonally.






Using basic activities and role models to listen and respond to basic movements and to show feelings and facial responses through mime whilst engaged in an imaginary task.







To encourage participation and movement to an imaginary activity designed to develop co-ordination and rhythm whilst incorporating repetitive patterns.





To show the ability to listen, observe and to use the imagination whilst concentrating on the use of Gross & fine motor skills, co-ordination, speed, shape, direction and level.






This is an essential part of every programme to relax the body and to cool down after exercise. Whilst incorporating hand and eye co-ordination and dexterity. Relaxation relieves tension and stress and brings a renewed flow of energy.


Dancing with A Difference Ltd,

 Is also beneficial to Home educators and additional needs pupils….


If you are interested in purchasing Dancing with A Difference Ltd


You will receive the following:


The apparatus’s, instruments and cards all needed to teach the programme 1 

along with the detailed

Syllabus which outlines the OFSTED and EYFS listings.

All the copyright free music for programme and syllabus 1

Your annual certificate for your school, membership card and licence to teach 

Dancing with a Difference Ltd Licensed for you to teach for 1 year
(after first year 
renewable every year for £75)


You will also be added to our schools listings on our website where your school with be advertised along with website, email, phone number etc…


You will have a login number exclusively for our members where you can buy additional materials, uniform (if wanted)  and syllabuses


Also, you will have the right to use the licences logo of Dancing with a Difference Ltd on all your marketing  material for your parents

All the above for £150.00

If you would like programme/syllabus 2 at the same time

this can be added on for just £50 extra

If you are interested to learn more about this amazing opportunity… please contact us